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My baggage did not arrive, what should I do?

If you are still at the airport:

Before leaving the baggage claim area, find someone from our staff, so they can give you access to the Report My Bag form, which will formalize your search case. We will also ask you for some personal information, which will be detailed in the form.

How will the process continue?

  •  First step of your search: Once you enter your form, we will begin the process of searching your baggage.
  • LATAM support: Our team will keep in contact with you to give you updates, request additional information (if necessary), and guide you in the compensation process (if necessary).

  • Track your case: you can check the status of your case at any time, by entering your last name and the code of the Report My Bag form.


 If you have already left the airport:

Contact our specialized luggage team through WhatsApp, so they can guide you.