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Can I travel with children or infants on the plane?

Yes, in case you have an infant before turning 8 days old, you will need a medical certificate, issued at least 10 days before the trip. This document must be sent through the Contact Form at least 48 hours before your flight.

Traveling with an infant before turning 2 years old

  • Domestic flights: you can travel with the infant on your lap and buy the infant ticket at no additional cost. 
  • International flights: you can travel with the infant on your lap by paying the infant fare (10% of the adult fare plus taxes), except for flights from Mexico where it is free of charge. 

If for comfort's sake you prefer your infant to travel in its own seat, you will have to buy the full ticket and comply with the safety requirements, whether traveling domestically or internationally. 

If your infant turns 2 years old during the trip, they will have to travel in their own seat. In this case, you will have two alternatives available: 

  • Buy on our site the round trip ticket with child fare.
  • Purchase by the Contact Center the one way ticket with baby fare and return ticket with child fare.

Traveling with children 2 years old until the day before turning 12 years old

From the age of 2, children must travel in their own seat, paying full child fare, whether traveling domestically or internationally. Except for domestic flights in Colombia, where you must pay 67% of the adult fare plus taxes. 


What are the safety requirements?

Infants traveling in their own seat must travel in a seat certified for use in the aircraft (Child Restraint System, CRS), independent of the flight cabin.

Alternatively, infants and children between 10 and 20 kilos traveling in their own seat may wear a certified safety harness (Child Aviation Restraint System, CARES) for Economy and Premium Economy Cabin only.

Each adult can travel with up to two infants, one of them being carried on their lap, and the other infant in an individual seat next to them, with the latter paying for the full ticket.

If there are two or more adults traveling with one infant on each lap, they will have to travel in separate seat blocks.

The use of booster seats is not permitted because they do not have a backrest or restraint harness.

Baby carriers such as wraps, slings, ring slings, mei tais, and others may only be used during the flight stage, but not during take-off, landing, or while the airplane is taxiing.

What conditions must a companion meet?

To be responsible for minors or persons with disabilities who cannot look after themselves, the companion must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a legally responsible adult, over 18 years old of age and independent;
  • Not have any impediment for assisting the passenger and helping with their carry-on bag during boarding, the flight, and disembarkation; and
  • Travel in the same cabin as the passenger they are accompanying and be in the seat next to them.

If parents are not yet of legal age, provided they meet the rest of the conditions, they are permitted to be the companions of their children.