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Can I travel with my emotional support pet?

If you need the company of your emotional support animal to travel, you can go with him in the cabin of the plane on routes that recognize the concept of emotional support animal. That is, from or to Mexico, Colombia and on domestic flights within Colombia.

The emotional support animal accepted upon routes are:

  • Dogs: from or to Mexico and Colombia
  • Cats: from or to Colombia, and domestic flights within Colombia. These cats must travel inside their kennel or travel container during the flight, and must be placed under the seat in front of yours.

Keep in mind:

  • You can only travel with one emotional support animal, who must be at least 4 months old.
  • The final boarding approval will be made directly at the airport counter, in order to ensure that it meets the requirements and conditions (behavior and size), which allow us to ensure their safe transportation in the cabin of the aircraft. Otherwise, they will have to travel in the aircraft’s hold inside a suitable container, at no additional cost.
  • There is a limit of six emotional support dogs. The transport of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs is prohibited in the passenger cabin.

How to request the transportation of your emotional support dog?

If you travel on other routes you can request our pet transportation service, to travel with your dog in the cabin or take it in the hold of the aircraft, as long as it meets the conditions for each service.

To travel with your emotional support dog, you need to let us know up to 48 hours before your flight departure. Then, download and complete the request form and send it as a request through the Contact Form, detailing the conditions and requirements for travelling with your pet. 

Step by step

Create a case entering your email, then fill out the form and attach the corresponding documents.

Our recommendation is
We invite you to read carefully the request form, from there we indicate what are the requirements that your dog must meet, the responsibilities as owner and the accreditation of the treating doctor to confirm the need to travel with an emotional support dog.

Considerations during the flight for emotional support dogs:

  • He/She can travel at your feet or under the front seat, without obstructing aisles, and cannot be located at emergency exits.
  • You can bring carpets/sanitary sheets and/or diapers to avoid situations that affect the hygiene of the plane.
  • You will not be able to feed him/her from the trays, nor be fed with the meals of the service on board.
  • Your pet needs to wear a leash or harness, be clean, healthy, and have good behavior.

Considerations during the flight for emotional support cats:

  • Cats are only accepted in international flights from or to Colombia, and domestic flights within Colombia 
  • He or she must travel inside a rigid or soft kennel/container that meets the requirements of cabin transportation. 
  • In compliance with the guidelines of the Colombian Civil Aeronautical, there are a maximum of 6 kennels on board each flight. Therefore, the confirmation will be subject to the aforementioned availability.
  • You will not be able to feed him/her from the trays, nor be fed with the meals of the service on board.

You can check out more information about requirements, conditions and special routes in our Special Assistance - Assistance pets section.


Travel ban for dogs to the U.S.

Subjected to some exceptions and with stricted complyin parameters, effective July 14, 2021, there is a temporary restriction for the entry of dogs into the United States arriving from high-risk for dog rabies countries listed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), including dogs that have been in a CDC high-risk country during the previous 6 months. The restrictions apply for all dogs (service dogs, dogs transported in the hold, and dogs transported in the cabin), regardless of the breed.  It is the passenger's responsibility to check all the details of the restrictions in order to avoid entry denial of a dog upon arrival to the United States.

Due to the CDC temporary measure, as LATAM we maintain the dogs transportation services from the high-risk for dog rabies countries listed by the CDC restricted, until further notice. However, according to the CDC update, which applies from June 10, 2022, there are exceptions for the transport of dogs coming from countries with a high risk of rabies as long as all the requirements detailed are met.

Important: for those dogs who are traveling from non-classified rabies countries listed by the CDC - and have not stayed in the last 6 months in one of those countries - entry is allowed, and documentation is still the same:

  • 4 months of age (minimum accepted).
  • Good health condition.
  • The CDC strongly recommend to have a validated vaccination rabie certificate.