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Sports baggage

To travel with your sports equipment, you must pack it properly, as described for each item below, to avoid damaging it during the trip. If you need to transport very large items that cannot be transported as baggage (such as kayaks, canoes and paddles, hang gliders and poles), you can do so via LATAM Cargo.


Water sports:

  • Surfing equipment: Composed of one bag with a maximum of 3 boards.(1).
  • Windsurfing equipment: Composed of one board, one sail, one boom and one mast, in a single package.(1)
  • Kite surfing equipment: Composed of one board, one kite, one steering bar and one harness, in a single package.(1)
  • Stand up paddle equipment: Composed of one bag with one board and one paddle.(1)
  • Water ski equipment: Composed of a bag with a pair of water skis or a slalom water ski.
  • Wakeboard, Boogieboard or Bodyboard: One board in a bag.
  • Diving: Composed of a maximum of one bag with one pair of diving goggles, one snorkel, two frog legs, one wetsuit, one hydrostatic BCD, one regulator, one empty oxygen tank, one flashlight and one conventional speargun (unloaded and securely packed).
  • Fishing: Consisting of a maximum of five fishing rods, one reel, one net, one pair of fishing boots and one wire basket, in a single package.
  • Waveskiing equipment: Consisting of one board and two paddles.

(1) Exceptionally allowed with a length of 320 cm, regardless of width and height.

Snow sports:

  • Ski equipment: consisting of a pair of skis, a pair of poles, a pair of boots and a helmet, in a single package.
  • Snowboard equipment: Composed of one snowboard, one pair of boots and one helmet, in a single package.

Aerial sports:

  • Skydiving equipment: one skydiving equipment in a single container.
  • Paragliding equipment: One paragliding equipment in a single container. Powered paragliders are not allowed.

Other sports:

  • Golf equipment: consisting of from one golf club to a set of 14 clubs and 14 balls (maximum), and a pair of golf shoes.
  • Cycling equipment: This can be a conventional bicycle (no motor / no electric bicycles allowed), a special children's trailer trolley, a tandem or a unicycle. Your bike (assembled or disassembled) must be properly packed, with flat tires, no pedals and handlebars tied to the side. If it is detachable, the carrying handles must be tied to the sides and the pedals removed, or packed.
  • Archery equipment: Composed of a bow with its quiver (container for storing arrows), a maintenance kit and arrows, all in a single container.
  • Field hockey or lacrosse equipment: Composed of a maximum of five field hockey sticks, a pair of skates, a set of pads and a helmet, all in a single container.
  • Javelin: One javelin properly packed so as not to cause damage to other baggage in the hold of the aircraft.

Sports equipment not included in these lists are part of the regular baggage, and are not charged as special baggage. However, if they exceed the weight, size and/or number of pieces allowed, they are subject to the corresponding charge.

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